God is both kind and good.

If it is true that whatever God is, He is relentlessly, then God is without fail and, on every occasion, kind and always good.

We say, “But when I go through hard times, it does not feel like the kindness or goodness of God in my life.” That is true. So what is the purpose of those things?

From the moment a human yields their spirit to God and repents of sin, God begins building them into the men and women He has called them to be. God, then, calls each one of His children to a specific purpose. Some seem content to receive salvation. But there is so much more for each believer in Christ.

Christians are called to great things by God Himself. The kingdom of heaven will only advance through the hands and feet of men and women, boys and girls that God fills with His Spirit. Through the goodness and kindness of God, He kills the parts of us that are of our old man, our old way of living. That hurts… but it is the greatest kindness we will ever receive, and it is good!