At Cross Connection Church, we have been talking about the Fruit of the Spirit. We believe that the Holy Spirit of God when He first changes our hearts, helps us live life in a new way. We live life much different from the way we lived before He was in our lives.

A few times, we have mentioned this statement, “Whatever God is, He is relentless.” When we talk about the Fruit of the Spirit, we must recognize every part of the fruit is coated with gentleness. That is who God is. He is gentle.

When we allow His Spirit to live in us, we become gentle too. Gentle in everything we do. But bear in mind, gentleness is not weakness but is strength under control. Gentleness needs to be the spirit in which we restore others because it is the way He has restored us.

Join us this Sunday as we look through Colossians 3:12. If you want to get your mind in the right spot before the message, read Colossians 3:1-17!