Many generations in Canada have lived in unhindered freedom. For most of our lives, we have been blessed to go where we want when we want. The only thing stopping us from enjoying our freedom has been our lack of adventure.

In Afghanistan, the Christians and women no longer have the limited freedoms they once had. However, many in the Church of Afghanistan are spiritually thriving right now.

This Sunday, at Cross Connection Church, we will be concluding our summer sermon series on the Fruit of Love (the fruit of the Spirit) by talking about self-control. We will be looking at Acts 28:31 as our central passage of Scripture. We hope you can join us in person or online at 10 am.

When we let the things of this world control us, we lose focus on Christ and the call to make disciples. We must be self-controlled, so we can be a church that continually declares the kingdom of God UNHINDERED!