The letter of Paul written to the church of Rome is arguably the most intense description of God and the Christian life you will find in the New Testament. I have heard of Romans described as a mansion that is full of rooms. You could visit that mansion and never leave some of those rooms. You could even get lost in one of the wings!

We are going to try to walk down the halls of Romans. We will look inside the door of each room but not go too far into them so as not to get lost.

We will start our journey this Sunday as we take a look at Romans 1. It would be good to read through chapter one before Sunday so you have an idea of what we will be talking about before we meet together.

Romans will be a two-part series. The first part is called Inseparable and is based on Romans 1-8. We are looking forward to learning more about Jesus’ gospel and seeing each other changed by it!