Too many people have been on the receiving end of abusive power. The lasting effects are devastating. Power is a tricky thing. World history and the Bible are full of examples of leaders who have earned the trust of people and others who have abused the power they had. That abuse can seep into the DNA of the victim in a way that almost forces them to repeat history against their vows to change it.

The power of the gospel is different. The power of the gospel saves people from that pain. The power of the gospel defeats death, reverses the curse of sin, conquers evil, crushes the devil, cleanses us from sin, gives life, forms love in us, unites people, and results in salvation for those who seek Jesus!

Join us at Cross Connection Chruch this Sunday at 10 am as we come together to hear the gospel. When we hear the gospel and the Holy Spirit touches the hearer’s heart, the result is worship. We are praying for a church full of worshippers this Sunday!