Family. As the evenings grow colder and darker faster, I often find myself inside with my family. As I get to know my family, I notice the similarities between us all. Some of my kids have my sense of humour (praise God, hey?!). Others make similar facial expressions. Some have natural tendencies that reflect my personality, while others are more like my wife.

Family traits are fascinating things. Our genetics influence the way we act and respond to specific circumstances. Some of the things we inherit are good, and some do not seem all that helpful.

Have any of you inherited a bad trait from someone in your family, something that frustrates you? Maybe it is sweaty palms. It is perhaps big ears or super curly hair that cannot be tamed. Possibly it’s a bad temper. It could be a habit of withdrawing from conflict or challenging situations.

No matter the trait, we all have one thing in common. We are all, every one of us, sinful. We have all been born into a sinful family line, and we did not have a choice in the matter.

This week at Cross Connection Church, we will be looking at the doctrine of Original Sin. We will also look at the plain truth that our faith in God has justified those in Christ.

So, how can living a transformed life change the effects of our inherited traits?

Looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday at 10 am. Be sure to read through Romans 5 before this Sunday!