Wild and Free!

A few months ago, my power steering pump stopped working. I replaced it, and it worked for another month and then it broke again. It was annoying. So, the second pump got pulled out, and the new one was put in.

If you were to compare the one-month-old and broken pump to the new one, it would look almost the same. From the outside, it was the same. It looked like it should work. The problem was that something inside the pump was not working. Once that new pump was put in … it was like butter; the steering was so smooth!

Here’s the deal. Christians may look like regular humans, sound like ordinary humans, and even walk like normal humans. But we are not … we are like God. We have been changed. Drastically!

Our past may be riddled with pain, but we are not held captive by it. God has called us to a drastically different lifestyle where joy is the norm. Peace surpasses understanding. Love is contagious.

Join us this week at Cross Connection Church at 10 am as we walk through Romans 6. The Holy Spirit wants to use this passage of Scripture to change your outlook on life!