Have you ever done something you wish you never did? We have all been there. It was one of those times you knew it was wrong before you did it, and you could not help but do it anyway. Those moments are hard to look back on without wishing you could make some changes.

Why do we do this stuff? Why would someone who loves Jesus and has experienced the love of Jesus hurt themselves or others physically or emotionally? Where do these actions come from? Aren’t they hypocritical?

There is more I could write about here, but why? Why write anything else when Bugs Bunny can say it so much more clearly than I could! Click this link, and you will know just what we will be talking about this Sunday, maybe.

Join us this Sunday at Cross Connection Church at 10 am as we walk through Romans chapter 7. Give it a read before you come, and I pray you prepare your heart to worship our King together!