Borders are helpful. They define where we can go and where we have been. Sometimes they represent where we want to go. Sometimes borders feel restrictive, while other times they seem vast. Maps, with their borders, help navigate us through the places we need to go.

Maps are helpful because they define those borders based on what people have observed and experienced. Maps can be used for those who created them or for others seeking new experiences.

Spiritually speaking, what are your borders? What is on your spiritual map? Looking back, can you see the different areas of your life that can be mapped out? It is so good to have a map of your life. It helps you navigate the current events of your life. Your map can even help you direct others. Our spiritual maps are full of our experiences.

In this upcoming year, there are sure to be some challenges. There will be fun and unforgettable experiences. God will be shaping us and using us all year. What is Jesus calling us to? Where does He desire us to be in the future?

But most importantly, is the place God is calling us to on our current map? Or will we need to upgrade our map?

Join us this Sunday at Cross Connection Church as we meet together for the first time in 2022. Let’s begin looking at where God wants to direct us, how He wants to redefine our borders.