Life is good. All the time? Nope!

God never promised us an easy life. He did promise He would never leave or forsake us. The Holy Spirit promised He would be with us through it all. He promised that He would finish the work He started in us. Jesus promised He would build the Church through the people He empowers.

When you are in the middle of a challenging circumstance in life, it is difficult to maintain your trust in the promises of God. Often those circumstances start controlling us and telling us how to behave.

We have each been called for a purpose. We have been called on purpose. God wants to use us to complete His work here on earth. It may seem difficult depending on the season you are in, but He is always near. And, here is another promise from God for us, all this suffering and pain we all go through pays off in the end!

Join us at Cross Connection Church this Sunday as we go through Romans 8:18-30. We hope to see you here at 10 am.