Imagine you owned your dream car. It was amazing with everything you always wanted. It had the right amount of power and handled how you love your vehicles to handle. It was the right size, colour, shape and had all the bells and whistles you love in a car, or none at all if that’s your thing.

In this imaginary world, you notice most people driving at the same speed as others, about 40 km/hr even on the highways. But a few people could go a lot faster. They would go 100 km/hr on the highways or quicker even. When they got stuck in the mud or snow, they had the power to get out.

Some people in the imaginary world were okay with it. But a few were frustrated by the freedom those people had to choose their speed, utilize the full power of their engine, and have cars that are maybe the same make and model as yours that live up to their full potential.

Now imagine, all you had to do was push a little button under the hood of your car to release all the power your vehicle was made to operate with. You just didn’t know about the button.

I believe the same is true in the Church. We have way more power available to us than we use in the Church. One of the issues is we just use a few of our close friends or family members to do the work of the Father. When we realize our whole family’s power and begin to use it, we will be unstoppable.

Join us this week to see that the Church is truly unstoppable as we walk through Romans 8:31-39. We hope to see you at Cross Connection Church at 10 AM this Sunday.