A movie came out a while ago called “17 Again.” In this movie, the protagonist transforms from being a man in his late 30s to his 18-year-old self again. His memories and mind have not changed, but his body has. As a result, he has to go back to high school!

I will never forget the part where he is in gym class. He is running around jumping and excited about how much energy he has. He cannot believe how his stamina has changed over the years and is so excited to have it back.


Looking at my life, I can see how easily my spiritual stamina lessens if I let it; this is not the goal of Christianity. Though our bodies grow older, our spirits should become more and more renewed with the power of the Holy Spirit.


Join us at Cross Connection Church this week as we look at Romans 15:14-33. In his later years of ministry, we will see how Paul was still passionately seeking to share the gospel with everyone who would listen. We want to do the same. If the gospel is true, what should your life’s priorities be? What changes need to happen to let go of past things that hinder us and press on to what could bring the Kingdome of God on earth as it is in heaven?