Scripture tells us that trials of many kinds will come (if need be or if necessary) in order to prove our faith genuine

We will look at how trials (hard or challenging situations) can affect what you believe.  We all go through trials, and depending on how we see them, we can interpret them in a way where we draw wrong conclusions about God, ourselves, and others.  When this happens we are at risk of living as though our wrong conclusions are true.

There’s what is TRUE and then there is what I BELIEVE to be TRUE. I don’t live in light of what is TRUE unless I believe it’s TRUE. I tend to live in light of what I BELIEVE to be TRUE, whether it’s true or not.

We will look at scripture, hear stories and end with some time to reflect on your own trial that God highlights to discover if it has led you to you believing wrong and living in light of a wrong belief.  You can expect God to shed light on an area of your life where there is a wrong belief and replace it with the truth.