Darren Duncalfe

I have always loved music. At the time Jesus really got ahold of my life I owned over 600 of these things called Compact Discs (a music storage device). I was the go to D.J. for many parties and events in our area.

One night after a youth devotional, I got the message that much of this music did not honor God and that it tainted my moods and behaviors. I was also challenged to consider that I may have valued that collection even more than God. I felt I needed to cleanse much of that collection from my life.

It wasn’t easy, but I did it and it definitely changed my life in a positive way. Fast forward thirty years and I catch myself listening to a song with great bass and a sweet hook and lyrics that are straight trash.

For a moment I go back to a much younger me and I’m forced to ask myself some hard questions: “Have my standards slipped that much? Am I so much more mature in my faith today that it doesn’t matter? Is it just more acceptable in the church or in the world around me that the conviction of that day doesn’t apply anymore? Was the teaching from that time that led to that sense of conviction actually biblical, accurate and true or was it actually guilt I was feeling based on shame used to manipulate my behavior?”

This Sunday we will spend some to exploring what the Bible says about holiness, conviction and what God desires in the life of someone who bears his name.


– What are some behaviours, thoughts or patterns in your life God has convicted you about in the past?

– Have you been able to see progress in those areas? Are there areas that have regressed?

– Have you confessed to God your regret about those areas of weakness and asked for His help?

– Have you considered who God may have placed in your life to walk with you through these areas, who can encourage you and hold you accountable?