What a trip!

I cannot believe we are already back from Brazil. It seems like the trip wasn’t long enough, even though it felt like we were there for a month!

This Sunday, the team sent to Brazil from CCC will take time to share our experiences. Brazil is a beautiful place with wonderful people. Whenever I hear someone from our team give a 2-minute report of their time there, I hear the word, ‘relationships.’ While there, our CCC team grew in our relationships with each other, with our friends there, and our relationship with Jesus.

God was so faithful to use us to shine His light anywhere we went. That was the purpose and goal of the trip from the moment we heard about it. God called us to be a light to the Brazilians, Psalm 18:28. And that is what we did. Our lights shined bright!

Join us this Sunday at 10 AM at Cross Connection Church as our Brazil team testifies to the works of God on our trip. See some pictures, watch some videos, and we trust your faith will grow as you hear how God’s light shined!