God deserves all that we are!

Have you ever known someone more loving, wise or powerful than our God? He is careful, thoughtful, and considerate. He is calculated in every action and fully aware of every circumstance in our lives and the future beyond us. He knows us intimately and knows what we need to shape our character and future so we can build His kingdom. God sent His Son to restore us in our relationship with the Father by removing our sins from us. God also sent us the Holy Spirit to testify that we are His and guide and direct us through this life.

He is worthy of all our praise, glory, and honour!

Did you read that? He is worthy of all our praise, GLORY, and honour. Praise, we understand. Honour is commonly discussed and understood. But what is the glory word?

This word ‘glory’ is used all the time by us Christians but is not really understood. We see it in the Westminster Catechism. We see it all through Scripture, Isaiah 6:1-3. And we sing about it often. But what does the word mean? And more importantly, how do we fulfill the command to glorify God in everything we do?

As we meet at 10 am this week at Cross Connection Church, we will go through 1 Corinthians chapter 10. We hope you can be there to glorify our God with us. He is worthy of it all!