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June 19, 2022: Ready For Action

Ready For Action This is not a question; it is a statement. As Christ-followers, we need to be ready for action at all times. We are called to put others before ourselves consistently. We need to be dialled into the voice of God so we can immediately step out

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June 12, 2022: Self-Less

One body working together is the goal of the Church. With Christ as the head of our body, we will move in unity. We will see greater health if we are a body that honours all its members. When this happens, the body of believers is built up in

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June 5, 2022: Self-Less

This Sunday at Cross Connection Church, we will continue talking about how we can keep focused on being a Culture of Honour. How do we as a church build each other up in Christ? How do we serve each other and those around us as if we were serving

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May 29, 2022: Honour and Betrayal

I am sure you have all been part of a healthy community. Maybe this church is that community. A healthy community is partly a group of friends who care for one another and are open with each other. Friends who would do anything to build each other up; friends

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May 22, 2022: Adult & Teen Challenge

God can change your life. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, He can change your life. So many people have been lost without hope for years. Teen & Adult Challenge has been helping people break through addictions all over North America for over 60 years. This work is

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May 15, 2022: Living Empowered

What you believe about God matters. The other night I asked one of my kids what they need to do for God to love them. They said, “Go to church.” So I questioned if Jesus loves people who don’t go to church each Sunday. They said, “Yes.” So we agreed that

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May 8, 2022: Honoring Mothers

Join us this Sunday as we worship together on Mothers Day.  This Sunday will look a bit different as we will seek to make space to connect with the Mother Heart of God, to Honor our moms by hearing from a few good men, and we will close by

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