At Cross Connection Church, we believe in the following values:

Innovative Leadership

Intergenerational Relationships

Individual Renewal

Inspired Outreach

Intentional Pathways

We believe these values will enable us to fulfill our vision of “equipping people to live transformed and empowered lives through Jesus.”

Intentional means:

‘done on purpose or deliberate’

Pathway means:

‘a particular course of action or a path that leads to something’

We believe that well-marked paths can help us individually and as a family grow into maturity.

As a Church, creating intentional pathways helps us equip people by giving them simple steps they can take to discover more of who they are and grow in Christ.  We are beginning by creating an intentional pathway to Spiritual Gifts.  Our hope is that this pathway will help anyone who desires to know what their gifts are and allow them to serve with joy.  In addition, we believe this process will help provide a much-needed avenue to better involve those who already know what their spiritual gifts are.


You have a desire to know how God has uniquely created you!  Great, we want to help you discover how God has made you and how you best fit together with the family at Cross Connection Church.

Choose a Pathway: