Christmas and Easter are significant times on the calendar for followers of Jesus.  In preparation for Christmas, we observe advent.  In preparation for Easter, many observe Lent (the 40 plus days before Easter) which kicks off every year on ASH Wednesday.  Lent means ‘Spring’ and in BC it occurs during springtime where new growth is expected.  Springtime can often signify a longing in people for renewal and new growth.  The 40 days of active participation is a great way to prepare your heart for new spiritual growth to Spring Forth as you engage in Individual Renewal.

You may be interested to know that more people attend ASH Wednesday than at Christmas or Easter.  Some believe this is because it is a participatory service.  We are kicking off our Lent Season with a Spring Forth event on Saturday February 20.

Spring Forth will consist of circuit of five different stations that focus on reflection, thanksgiving, confession, communion, and testimony. You will spend twenty minutes at each station, individually meditating on Christ and preparing for the next forty days leading up to Easter. It will look very similar to the prayer stations we had a few months ago. There is limited availability in each time slot. Sign up by Friday, February 19th at 12:00 pm is required to participate in this event that was prepared with you in mind.