Take a Spiritual Gifts Test

Intentional Pathway to Spiritual Gift Discovery

Take a Test

We understand that there are many different spiritual gifts tests and affirm that these are only man-made tools (although helpful tools) to help us in our discovery of how God has made us.  We also understand that not everyone will connect with every test.  We will continue to recommend and provide links to other valuable and beneficial tests so that more people can more easily discover how God has created them. 

Intentional Pathway to Discover your Spiritual Gifts

  1. Read Spiritual Gifts Beginners Guide
  2. Read How to Identify your Spiritual Gifts
  3. Take a test (the test you take isn’t as important to us as the next step, connect with a church leader you trust to further discuss test results)
  4. Connect with a church leader you trust following the test to discuss and further understand who you are and how you can serve with us in the way God has made you.

Spiritual Gifts Tests

Regardless of which test you choose a key step in this pathway is to connect with a Church leader following your test to discuss the results!  If the test you choose does not have an option to send results to a church leader, take the initiative to take that step.

Shape Spiritual Gifts Test

  1. It will help you identify more than just spiritual gifts
    1. Spiritual Gifts
    2. What you love and brings you joy
    3. Who you love to work with the most – age or type of people
    4. The ministry needs that you have a heart for
    5. Your Passions
    6. Abilities. Skills and Talents you have
    7. What you feel your most valuable asset is
    8. Quickly includes your experience and personality
    9. And gives you the chance to dream about what you would do if there were no limits on you!
  2. It will take 40-60 minutes to complete depending on your level of reflection
  3. The summary is emailed to you immediately and it has an option and encourages you to input a church leaders email as well so they can follow up with a conversation.
  4. The summary is a GREAT tool itself for the church leadership to use as a guide for further conversations that could lead to greater discovery and purpose.

Team Ministry Spiritual Gifts Test

Members of the Cross Connection family have taken this test and recommend it.