July 4, 2021: Jesus Redefines Family

“Be fruitful and multiply” our Creator.  “Go and make disciples” our Saviour Jesus. “Never stop increasing the size of my family” my paraphrase. God’s mission is and always will be to grow his family.  Disciples are simply God’s children first, who continually become more like their dad and learn

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June 20, 2021: The Unknown God

Who is God?! Do you know Him well enough to introduce Him to others? The thing about it is, we are all made to worship. Everyone is, whether you are a Christian or not. Human beings are created to worship something. If it is not God, it will be

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June 13, 2021: Growth

Do you ever remember wondering what you would look like when you grew up? Wondering what your life would be like. How many kids you would have. What job you would do. Or how you might affect the world or those around you. As you grew, did it turn

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June 6, 2021: Heart Change

Have you ever witnessed a terrible first impression? Maybe you were standing in the foyer after church one day, and you witness someone else from church introducing their friend to a mutual friend. The conversation goes something like this: Rupert- ‘Hey Avis, this is my friend Lloyd I have

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May 30, 2021: Boldly Go

When I read the stories of Paul and Barnabas in Acts, I am shocked as to how they can be so determined and bold. These two men, and many others like them, endured incredible challenges that would stop most of us in our tracks. But they kept preaching the

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May 23, 2021: Here We Go

The Gospel starts to move! This week at Cross Connection Church, we will be looking at Acts chapters 8-12. In this passage, we see how God used His people to take the Gospel across the country and beyond. This passage is full of powerful truths! There are miracles, confrontations,

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