May 15, 2022: Living Empowered

What you believe about God matters. The other night I asked one of my kids what they need to do for God to love them. They said, “Go to church.” So I questioned if Jesus loves people who don’t go to church each Sunday. They said, “Yes.” So we agreed that

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May 8, 2022: Honoring Mothers

Join us this Sunday as we worship together on Mothers Day.  This Sunday will look a bit different as we will seek to make space to connect with the Mother Heart of God, to Honor our moms by hearing from a few good men, and we will close by

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March 27, 2022: Get-Up-And-Go

A movie came out a while ago called “17 Again.” In this movie, the protagonist transforms from being a man in his late 30s to his 18-year-old self again. His memories and mind have not changed, but his body has. As a result, he has to go back to

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March 20, 2022: Building or Stumbling Blocks?

Unity in community is essential.    This statement is something just about everyone would agree with, no matter your community. When there is a conflict or differing opinions, it causes friction levels in your community. Christian communities are no different. We all have opinions about what should be done

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