October 2 – Favour to Step Out

Have you ever been someone’s favourite person? Maybe you were the grandma’s favourite. Perhaps you have someone in your life who you favour? It is a lot easier to get things done when you have the favour of someone. Nehemiah had much favour from a king who didn’t know

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September 18 – Irrational Joy

Jesus has promised those who follow him that we will be welcomed into His wedding feast. At that banquet, we will experience eternal joy. Jesus has taught us that the kingdom of heaven is like a wedding feast and that the kingdom of heaven is near. Jesus came to

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September 11 – Step Out

Travelling downtown in bigger cities like Vancouver with a navigator sitting shotgun who is not focused can be stressful. Being on those busy streets with rows of traffic around you as you wait to see if the next left is yours only to find out it was this right

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September 4 – Victory & Persecution

When Christians today think about persecution, we typically think of churches in the Middle East or some Asian countries, not North America. In many countries, persecution against Christians is extreme. There are still many people killed for their faith around the world. Where Christians Were Martyred Most: 1. Nigeria:

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August 28 – Peacemakers

I would be willing to bet most of you reading this can point to several situations where you have had the opportunity to be a peacemaker. Whether you have been the one asking for forgiveness or have had to confront others who have injured you, being a peacemaker is

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August 14 – Mind Mapping

Have you ever followed directions, only to find yourself lost?  Have you ever followed a map, only to realize the information it contained is outdated, and a road you were to travel no longer exists?  Have you ever arrived at the wrong location, thinking you had followed the directions

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August 7 – Oaks of Righteousness

Have you ever felt really confident, pretty, funny, smart, strong, rich, or even spiritual? Have you ever done a really good job and felt good about yourself…UNTIL…you got in the presence of somebody, prettier, funnier, smarter, stronger, richer or more spiritual and all of a sudden you begin to

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