October 17, 2021: A New Heart

It is not Christmas yet. And I would argue along with many of you that it is too soon to be celebrating it. However, as we look at Romans chapter 3 this week, regarding righteousness, we see how each person comes up short no matter who we are. It

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October 17, 2021: A New Heart

Remember Care Bears? It was a cartoon in the 80s; google it! Little teddy bears of all different sizes and colours had different shapes on their stomachs. Whenever they encountered a challenging situation or person, they didn’t complain or get aggravated; they just gave a determined look, faced their problem

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October 3, 2021: Coming Together

Romans! The letter of Paul written to the church of Rome is arguably the most intense description of God and the Christian life you will find in the New Testament. I have heard of Romans described as a mansion that is full of rooms. You could visit that mansion

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September 26, 2021: The Nebo Pivot

This Sunday at Cross Connection Church, our guest speaker is Lynn Dietz. He is the EMCC Regional Minister for our church and part of Western Canada. He is going to be sharing with us from Deuteronomy 4. As the nation of Israel was about to enter the promised land,

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September 5, 2021: Gospel Identity

Our God created the moon and positioned it perfectly to reflect the light from the Sun.  The moon is beautiful as it lights up the night sky.  Likewise, we were created to be in relationship with our Creator, perfectly positioned in order to reflect him, making him known. The

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August 29, 2021: Unhindered

Many generations in Canada have lived in unhindered freedom. For most of our lives, we have been blessed to go where we want when we want. The only thing stopping us from enjoying our freedom has been our lack of adventure. In Afghanistan, the Christians and women no longer

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