Connection Groups


Every journey begins with a clear vision!  We exist to equip people to live transformed and empowered lives through Jesus.  

The goal is Transformation.  Our focus is on Relationships and Discipleship.  You could say discipleship happens when relationships are transformed.  And transformation happens when people take simple steps of faith, moving from unbelief to belief in every area of their lives, every day of our lives.

The Purpose of our Connection Groups 

A connection group is a space designed for you to be able to nurture true friendships and grow spiritually.

It is our prayer that you will experience transformation in your relationship with God, those in your connection group, and those people that are close to you and far from God. 

Seeing God bring transformation to our relationship with Him and with other believers and not have that transformation impact those who do not know Jesus falls short of God’s heart and the mission he began.  


  • A Host: one or more people who open their home to the group.  
  • Leader/Facilitator: connection group leaders take responsibility for communicating and facilitating the connection group night.  
  • Participants/Attenders: anyone who has a desire to develop friendships with other believers and grow spiritually with others.

Getting Connected

  • Sign up to be a part of a connection group. 
    • Choose a role (Host, Facilitator, or Participant)
    • Choose the days you are available
    • Hosts and Facilitators will be connected and then reach out to Participants
    • A Host or Facilitator will be in touch with you to invite you to join their group. They will inform you of the day and time they have chosen to meet and the rhythm they have chosen (weekly or biweekly). Based on the time and rhythm you can accept or look for another group that fits better with your schedule.
    • If you need any help with joining a Connection Group reach out to Marty.