Connection Groups

Cross Connection exists to equip people to live transformed and empowered lives through Jesus. We believe Connection Groups are an important vehicle to help us fulfill our vision and stay connected during this season.

What is a Connection Group?

A Connection Group is a social space designed to help you connect with God, other followers of Jesus, and with those who don’t know Him yet.  It is a place to be known and to get to know others in a real, authentic way, where everyone contributes and grows in their gifts.

How does it work?

  • Initially, you commit to regularly connecting with others from our church family
  • Together you will create a regular rhythm of Connecting – seeking to have a healthy balance of facilitating times of:
    • Connecting UP with God, 
    • Connecting IN with those in your group, and 
    • Connecting OUT with friends that are close to us and far from God. 
  • This can be weekly, biweekly, or whatever best suits your group.

The Goal

To create an environment where we can learn to authentically follow Jesus together and to live out the kind of life we would want to invite others into.

We do this best in community, by learning from, observing, and doing life with one another.  Having highly supportive and highly challenging relationships are key to becoming more like Jesus.  Eventually, we can simply invite others in to see what living and loving as Jesus looks like.


  • A Host: one or more people who open their home to the group.  
  • A Facilitator: someone who facilitates intentional conversation with the group and connects with other facilitators for mutual learning, support, and accountability
  • Participants: engaged people who have a desire to deepen relationships and are open to living authentically with other believers and making room for others who do not know Jesus yet.