Connection Groups

Connection Groups are all about seeing God bring transformation to all of our relationships!

Vision.  Every journey begins with a clear vision!  We exist to equip people to live transformed and empowered lives through Jesus.  

The goal is Transformation.  Our focus is on Relationships and Discipleship.  You could say discipleship happens when relationships are transformed.  And transformation happens when people take simple steps of faith, moving from unbelief to belief in every area of their lives, every day of our lives.

A Connection Group is a Vehicle.  Connection groups are simply one vehicle that helps us fulfill our vision.  It is a social space designed to help you connect with God, other followers of Jesus, and with those who don’t know Him yet.  This vehicle leads to transformation!  However, it is important to know that the transformation we seek is in three different relationships.  UP, IN and OUT.  

On our way we expect God to transform our relationship with God (UP), with believers (IN), and with the world (OUT).  As followers of Jesus, we look to Jesus who modeled for us investing in these three kinds of relationships.

Seeing God bring transformation to our relationship with Him and with other believers and not have that transformation impact those who do not know Jesus falls short of God’s heart and the mission he began.  

How does it work?

  • Initially, you commit to regularly connecting with others from our church family
  • Create a regular rhythm of Connecting (weekly, biweekly, or whatever best fits the group)
    • Connecting UP with God, 
    • Connecting IN with those in your group, and 
    • Connecting OUT with friends that are close to us and far from God. 


  • A Host: one or more people who open their home to the group.  
  • Spiritual Parents: we are a family and connection group leaders function like spiritual parents which simply means they take responsibility for the relational and spiritual health of the group.  They are responsible for leading and creating a healthy rhythm of UP IN and OUT.   
  • Participants: engaged people who have a desire to deepen relationships and are open to living authentically with other believers and loving and serving those who are close to you and far from God.

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