Facility Care Ministry

Stewarding what God has blessed us with is of the utmost importance. It is a privilege to be able to gather in our little church on the corner of Princess and Williams and we want to show the people who come into our building as well as those who pass by on the street that we care about the property God has entrusted to us. The people who lead and serve on the Facility Clean-Up Crew, the Decorating Team, and the Trustee Committee help us to do this. Scroll through the page to learn more and prayerfully consider if you have the skill and calling to join one of these groups. If the answer is yes, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and identify which area you would like to serve in.

Facility Clean Up Crew

There are seven days in a week. Seven days where a variety of people wander across our property and leave behind garbage. Some days it’s bad. Some days it’s not. This is where the Facility Clean Up Crew comes in. Once a day someone from the Facility Clean Up Crew takes a bucket and a trash picker and walks around our grounds cleaning up whatever garbage has been littered about. Currently, they are short on crew members. If you have the time and heart to join their team, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Decorating Team

From holidays to special events, there are times when the church building needs a bit of extra beauty. The Decorating Team does a great job of this. If you have an eye for design and a willingness to serve, consider joining this team by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Trustee Committee

The Trustee Committee is a “hands-on” ministry.  Where other ministries have a stronger “Jesus” component, this ministry is more about ensuring the building where on-site Jesus ministry occurs is inviting, comfortable and safe. The trustees keep up with general maintenance around the church. If something needs to be fixed, they fix it. If a light bulb goes out, they replace it. If the gutters are overflowing, they clean them out. If this type of “hands-on” ministry suits your gifting, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and let us know you’d like to join the Trustee Committee.

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