Hospitality Ministry

Hospitality is a gift and our church is privileged to be filled with so many people who possess this gift. Our Hospitality Ministry is made up of three separate entities: Congregational Care, Coffee Connection, and Kitchen Hostess. Scroll through this page and learn a little about each. If you are interested in joining any of their teams, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Congregational Care

The Congregational Care ministry team at Cross Connection Church is made up of volunteers who have love and concern, especially for seniors who are home-bound or not able to attend services as often as they would like but are still a part of the church family. Volunteers meet quarterly to go over the list of people to visit, thus ensuring that each one receives at least one visit during that quarter.

One of the volunteers serves as coordinator of the meal train for people following hospitalization, the arrival of a baby, death in the family, or anyone else in need of extra care. This involves contacting the person/family involved to determine if receiving meals would be helpful and how often, and food restrictions. Volunteers (can be part of the congregational care team or other willing people) are given the information and opportunity to sign up for a specific date and time.

If you would like to serve by visiting the homebound or by participating in the meal trains, please fill out the form below and identify which area you would like to serve in.

Coffee Connection

Coffee Connection is an intentional time for, as the name implies, coffee and connection directly following the service. There are different roles that ensure this time runs smoothly. If you feel led to help with one of those jobs, please fill out the form below and identify in which area you’d like to serve.

Volunteers are needed for:

Kitchen Hostess

Our Kitchen Hostess organizes funeral lunches, church family potlucks, other foodservice events, and the annual kitchen deep clean. Now, she does not accomplish this all on her own but with a team of people. If you would like to help organize or participate in one of these events, please fill out the form below and identify which area you would like to serve.

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