Identify your Spiritual Gifts without a Test

Intentional Pathway to Spiritual Gift Discovery

Identify your gifts without a Test

In Biblical times there is no record of spiritual gifts tests.  Instead, through living closely together peoples gifts would be identified and confirmed through one on another.  Often times it is clear who is organized and who is not, who is gifted at teaching and those who prefer behind the scenes service.

Intentional Pathway to Discover your Spiritual Gifts

    1. Read Spiritual Gifts Beginners Guide
    2. Read How to Identify your Spiritual Gifts
      1. Pray
      2. Get in the Word
      3. Pay Attention
      4. Seek Confirmation
      5. Connect with a Church Leader
  1. Connect with a church leader.  Conversations are a natural way to discover more fully who you are.  Reach out and discuss what you have already discovered through your time in prayer, word, and as you have been seeking God with others.