Who Is Jesus?

When the first people, Adam and Eve, were put on this earth they walked and talked with God like you would any other person. They had a relationship with Him. But one day they decided that they could choose what was best for their lives and turned their back on God. Unfortunately, all this brought was shame and loneliness. This is why the world is so broken today. 

That is why Jesus came to earth as a little baby. We celebrate this event on Christmas. He came so He could show everyone that living God’s way has a more positive impact on the world than living our way. Some people did not like what he was teaching so they killed him. But that’s not where the story ends because Jesus didn’t stay dead! He rose back to life showing that God is more powerful than death and that there is hope for anyone who trusts in him. After this God sent His Holy Spirit into the world to fill those who believe in him so they can begin living like Jesus. Now people can walk with Him like Adam and Eve first did. 

Jesus can be your best friend, your savior, your helper, your guide, your joy, love, peace, and your hope. He is always with you and wants to help you live this life to the fullest. You find real life when you are walking with Him. He is a healer, all-powerful, He can forgive all your sins and He loves you no matter what! He is the kindest person you will ever know as He is always listening and talking to us. 

Most people have heard the name of Jesus at some point in their life…

…but few people actually have a relationship with Him. We can learn many things about Jesus from the Bible. The Bible is a collection of 66 books written as one story. In it, we learn who God is and how He interacts with this world.

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