Have you ever witnessed a terrible first impression?

Maybe you were standing in the foyer after church one day, and you witness someone else from church introducing their friend to a mutual friend. The conversation goes something like this:

Rupert- ‘Hey Avis, this is my friend Lloyd I have told you so much about.’
Avis- ‘Wow, Lloyd, I have heard so much about you! Glad you could make it. Tell me about yourself.’
Lloyd- ‘I live beyond the crystal sea and visit the land people yearly in the second month. I arrive by mounting my unicorn that resembles a sea lion. And nothing is more fascinating than carving Jell-O on a hot day.’
Avis and Rupert- (blank stares and throat clearing)
Lloyd- ‘But … uh … I like the Canucks too.’

Sometimes first impressions are important. But the best way to make a first impression is to just be yourself. So it is when we come before Jesus. We do not need to be or bring anything special. We just need to come as we are and Allow Him to do the work He needs to do in us.

Come join us at Charis Camp this Sunday if it isn’t raining. We will be meeting at 10 am. You can bring a lawn chair or sit in your car and tune in. If it is raining, we will be meeting in the Lodge at Charis Camp with the first 50 people that can come.