“Be fruitful and multiply” our Creator.  “Go and make disciples” our Saviour Jesus. “Never stop increasing the size of my family” my paraphrase.

God’s mission is and always will be to grow his family.  Disciples are simply God’s children first, who continually become more like their dad and learn to do what he does.

From the very beginning, God has worked as a family and worked through families.  Discipleship is not something we do alone.  As God’s family, we work together to invite others into the family that we were first welcomed into.

Join us this Sunday as we look at how Jesus chose to begin his earthly ministry and fulfill the vision and mission he was given.  Jesus redefines family and gives families a new purpose making it clear that God has always worked as a family and chooses to continue growing his family by using his family – a family brought into relationship with Him and given the responsibility to represent him so others might want to join his family also.