Nothing thrilled me more than taking a regular transport semi-truck and transforming it into an Autobot when I was a kid. Transformers were cool! They had the best camouflage because they looked like any other vehicle on the road, except for their cool Transformers logo, but when the Autobot needed to, they would transform into a fighting machine that would save the world every episode.

Transformation is amazing. Most people are not completely satisfied with who they are. That is why gyms and counselling offices make so much money. Most people are consistently working towards bettering themselves.

Jesus paid the full price for the life of everyone in the world to have a relationship with Him. If they choose to follow Him, they will be transformed into His nature. But this is more than just a transformation; it is a metamorphosis. Like my toys when I was a kid, the word transformation implies you can change back. Metamorphosis does not allow for going back; it is permanent.

Join us at Cross Connection Church this Sunday at 10 AM as we go through Romans 12:1-2. Only two verses this week. It might be helpful to read all of chapter 12, though. See you Sunday!