This Sunday, we will celebrate the things God did for us in 2021 at our CCC Annual General Meeting. We will look back and see how faithful He has been in Cross Connection Church. We will hear testimonies from four people about how God has used this church to bless them and others to build the kingdom of God in 2021. We know God does not have to use us here at CCC, but we sure are grateful we are part of His plan to change the world!

This Sunday will be a shorter service without a typical message, but we will still hear from God!

Our worship service will start at 10 am as usual. We plan to be done our service by 11:15, so people can grab a snack (our stomachs will be telling us it is 12:15 because of daylight savings time), and we will begin our AGM at 11:30.

Another note for this Sunday is the mask mandate has been lifted for all indoor public spaces, including churches. We will not require anyone to wear a mask in our services, though you can choose to wear one if you would like. If you are near someone in a mask, please offer them the courtesy of some social distance until you find out their comfort level with those unmasked. We want to continue to show honour and respect for one another during this time.

We look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday!