I’m not from the South, but I like the phrase, “y’all!” This phrase lets a group of people know you are talking to them.


In Romans 16, Paul gives credit to a long list of people who have helped move the Gospel from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. This is one of those Scriptures you might skip over or not pay much attention to if you didn’t slow down and recognize its worth. Chapter 16 is the final chapter in Romans, concluding our journey through this fantastic letter.

This Palm Sunday at Cross Connection Church, we want to rejoice in how God has used us all to build the Kingdom of God. We have so much to celebrate. We have people throughout our church who have been faithful to do their part in declaring the gospel to Chilliwack and others.

Join us at 10 am this Sunday as we gather together to worship Jesus. He is the one who God sent to lead us to new life!