What you believe about God matters. The other night I asked one of my kids what they need to do for God to love them. They said, “Go to church.” So I questioned if Jesus loves people who don’t go to church each Sunday. They said, “Yes.” So we agreed that was not a prerequisite for God to love us. The conversation went back and forth until my kid declared there was nothing you needed to do to receive God’s love and that He loves us no matter what.

Many people have been in church circles long enough that things they believe on paper are not lived out. They live like they need to earn God’s love. Or they live like their past sins are not entirely forgiven. Or they live like the Holy Spirit is not interested in empowering them to do heaven’s work on earth.

On Sunday at Cross Connection Church, we will have a special guest speaking with Rob, Mark Noble. God will be leading us through Ephesians 3:14-21. We hope you will see how the Spirit works through the Church as a family, especially through a family’s tough times.