I am sure you have all been part of a healthy community. Maybe this church is that community. A healthy community is partly a group of friends who care for one another and are open with each other. Friends who would do anything to build each other up; friends who are even willing to say the hard things. Those types of communities are rich and attractive. Those communities bring life to each person in choosing to be engaged in them.

The unfortunate thing is that those kinds of communities are challenging to find. So, why not create one? That is what we will be talking about for the next few weeks. We want to foster a culture of honour in our families, church, the places we work, and our friendships. Do we honour people in this church? Absolutely we do. We want to examine this idea a little more closely. As we draw attention to it, we will see the areas we struggle honouring others in so we can work on those.

This Sunday at Cross Connection Church, we will be looking at Ephesians 5:21. Read the first 21 verses of Ephesians 5 to help get the context of what Paul is getting at. Why is it essential to submit to one another in love? We will also look at how Jesus modelled this so clearly in the different relationships he had with individuals.

See you at 10 am this Sunday!