Ready For Action

This is not a question; it is a statement. As Christ-followers, we need to be ready for action at all times. We are called to put others before ourselves consistently. We need to be dialled into the voice of God so we can immediately step out in faith when He calls us to anything.

This Sunday is Father’s Day. Men need to know God and walk in obedience and faith to Him as He leads. Women need to see men ready to serve God and others before themselves. Our children need to witness this type of character in the men in their lives so they can model it.

At Cross Connection Church this Sunday, we will be looking at the lives of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22. This is a familiar story, but one we can learn a lot from still.

Join us this week as we encourage fathers to be ‘Ready For Action.’ We will have a special guest speaking with Rob this Sunday. We hope to see you at 10 am as we gather to worship Jesus!