When Christians today think about persecution, we typically think of churches in the Middle East or some Asian countries, not North America. In many countries, persecution against Christians is extreme. There are still many people killed for their faith around the world.

Where Christians Were Martyred Most:

1. Nigeria: 3,530
2. Democratic Republic of Congo: 460
3. Pakistan: 307
4. Mozambique: 100*
5. Cameroon: 53
6. Burkina Faso: 38
7. [name withheld]: 36
8. Central African Republic: 35
9. Mali: 33
10. [name withheld]: 20

*Estimate | Open Doors reporting period: November 2019 to October 2020

Persecution is not as violent here in Canada, but it exists nonetheless. Many Christians have been ostracized and have lost their jobs because of their faith. Others are treated harshly as fellow students or coworkers ganged up on them because of their beliefs. In recent years, laws have been passed in Canada deeming the preaching or teaching of certain parts of the Christian Bible’ hate speech.’

Jesus, in Matthew 5:10-12, makes it clear that what we experience in Canada is to be expected and will only worsen. God wants nothing more than to walk with us through our persecution. He wants to use it to strengthen us. Jesus wants us to be glad and rejoice in our suffering. This concept doesn’t make sense to the world and the prosperity gospel.

Join us on Sunday at Cross Connection Church at 10 AM as we finish our summer preaching series on the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:10-12. We look forward to worshiping with you all!