What a blessing it is to worship God in safety. To have a group of people to gather with who we can love and build each other up. To worship with people who think and worship similarly is a blessing. The more we worship together, the more easily we can step into the presence of God. The more often we are in the presence of God, the more like Him we become individually and corporately.

Here is the catch, the more we do the will of God because of His grace in our lives, the bigger target we become for the attacks of Satan. Get this; no weapon he or anyone else has formed against us will prevail. God only knows how to triumph. We are His children, and we will see victory.

When we see that truth and allow it to settle so deep in us that it shapes how we walk, we will begin to see how opposition strengthens us.

God is not done with us. We will see victory as we battle from victory.