A common slogan for churches is, “Everyone’s welcome.” Jesus’ love is for everyone. It is a fair slogan because it reflects what the heart of the church should look like. Here’s the deal; when everyone is welcome, anyone can come. With that ideology comes those easy to love and those who have their agendas.

Throughout Nehemiah chapter 5 and 6, we see how different people react in different roles and positions in life. Some are stuck and rely on the work, blessing, and provision of those with resources. Others are more affluent and have the opportunity to extort or elevate those who are vulnerable. Still, others who have greater authority can help or hinder others.

In this spiritual battle we continue to fight, we will see sheep getting hurt around us, wolves come and try to separate and devour the sheep and Shepherds that must guard against this and generously provide proper care for the sheep and the wolves!