God is our Father. That means we are part of His family. He has built walls around His family to protect us and allow us to work through life’s ups and downs in freedom through His will and direction. Father has us covered.

The family needs this, a mom and dad who will do anything to protect their children. To provide for them, challenge them, support them, kick them in the butt when they are lazy, and hold them close when they are hurting or just need time with mom or dad.

We are almost done with our journey through the book of Nehemiah. This Sunday, we will be in chapter 7. The walls are built. But now it is time to rebuild the people. Nehemiah wants to set them up for success. These former slaves need to learn how to think and worship in freedom!

We hope you can join us this Sunday at 10 AM at Cross Connection Church as we aspire to connect with our Father, who is longing to see His family made whole in Him!