Fighting and intimacy don’t seem to go together well. Usually, when you are fighting with someone, intimacy with that person is the last thing on your mind. Through the fight, we get intimacy with God, and through intimacy with God, we get the strength to fight.

We will see this journey this Sunday as we zoom through Nehemiah, chapters 8-13. We will see how hard the Israelites fought to change their ways so they could have the blessing of living in God’s city, Jerusalem. God’s people will draw close to Him in intimacy and then go their way.

It is hard to watch people step out in significant ways to change who they are and how they live, only to lose their relationship with Jesus because they stepped out of intimacy with Him.

We are made to worship–and worship is warfare. It is how we fight our best battles!

Join us at Cross Connection Church this Sunday at 10 AM as we fight and win another spiritual battle.