Walking with God is the language we use to describe our relationship with God. And if you have realized it yet, at times it can be challenging.

Before we ever started to walk, we were more interested in being happy than being holy.  It is the most common, natural thing to want to be happy, comfortable, and satisfied, as opposed to the most unnatural thing, to trust God and follow him and his ways, especially when things don’t go our way.

Because it’s so common and natural we can end up spending a lot of our time arranging for our own comfort, relief, and happiness.

“The historic church taught that the chief end of people is to glorify God and enjoy him forever; the modern church too often teaches that the chief end of God is to gratify people”. Dr. Larry Crabb

Join us this Sunday to consider what it looks like to walk with God when it feels like you have no more strength, no more faith, and no more desire, to keep trusting him and taking that next step to go in the same direction.

For most of us, this is that place where you just get so tired or triggered, and everything in you wants to turn to the left or to the right…and it’s so easy to turn…for there you will find a well-lit, well marked, well-trodden path that leads you to immediate but temporary gratification, comfort, relief and some level of escape.

Reflection Questions

In your walk with God have you ever got to the point where you feel like you can’t take another step forward?

What are you hoping to get by turning to the left or the right?

Is there hurt in your heart that needs healing?  Can you see how it affects the way you walk? Are you ready to have an honest conversation with God about it in order to find healing?