December 11, 2022

Join us Sunday as we continue our journey through Advent looking at different characters.  We understand that our services during Advent have been different and we are encouraging you to engage with the characters, the story, and the Word in a new way this season.

This Sunday we will look at the Shepherds who witnessed the first coming of Christ in such a powerful way.

We want to keep in mind the reality that we will witness the second coming of Christ.  It’s on that day all of our longings and desires will be fulfilled in Christ. (Isaiah 25:6-9)

While we wait for Christ’s return we have not been left as orphans but have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit Who is our guide and comforter. (Jn.14:1-18)

While we wait for Christ’s return, must not allow the longings and desires of our hearts to become idols who we long for more than God. Rather, we must place all of our longings and desires under our longing for Christ and allow them to be good things to us rather than our ultimate things. (Matt. 6:19-21,33).