Pastor Rob Campbell

Ah, the ‘Spelling Bee.’ Otherwise known as public humiliation. You stand up at the front of the class with all your peers watching as you stumble through the spelling of words you should have studied. The result – embarrassment.

Sometimes the work we should have done is all that is stopping us from succeeding or thriving.

This Sunday at Cross Connection Church, we are looking at 2 Peter 1:3-15. In this passage, Peter shows us that we can live the life we have always wanted. The life we dream of is possible, the life that fulfills our existence. Is this hyperbolic? Is this just a pipe dream? Or is it a gift offered to God’s children as a way to live life to the fullest?

As for us at CCC, we are called to put our faith into action to receive the gift of life God has given us. That will mean we need to do something.

We look forward to worshipping Jesus with you at 10 AM. We hope to see you then!


  1. It takes faith to trust God and His promises. Can you picture the day God returns to take us home with Him?

  2. What is stopping you from making every effort to put these 7 virtues into practice?

  3. Who is someone you trust relationally and spiritually in our church?

    1. Ask them to walk with you as you both try to live out these virtues so you can have the life God promises.