This Sunday at Cross Connection Church, Jesus shows us the importance of walking with Him. Surrender is about laying our lives, dreams, thoughts, and desires before the Good Shepherd and allowing Him to lead us wherever He needs to. This action of surrender almost forces us into intimacy with Him.
The one we lay our lives down for is kind, loving and good. The Good Shepherd wants to know us. Not just on the surface but in the deepest areas of our hearts. Why? So He can heal us. When we are whole, we are far more effective for the kingdom of God. But we need to get to the point where we can be intimate with Jesus.
Join us this Sunday at 10 AM at CCC. We will worship the Good Shepherd and take steps toward allowing Him into our hearts again. Don’t forget; He is the GOOD Shepherd–We can trust Him!
– Do you trust the Good Shepherd to work on any area of your heart? Why or why not?
– How would you describe what the presence of God looks like?
– What are three straightforward steps you can take to increase your level of intimacy with God? How would your taking those steps change how we are united as a Church/people?