Pastor Marty Bennett

If you found yourself on the battlefield hundreds of years ago, and you were in range from the enemy’s archers, it would make sense for you to put up your shields when you see arrows flying towards you.

Physical arrows can kill you!

This Sunday I will be bringing a bow and arrow with me.  Although tempting, like really tempting, we will not be shooting any arrows inside the church!  (Unless I give in to this very strong temptation.  I mean Rob is gone to Brazil, if there was ever a time to shoot an arrow in the church, its now)

The point is, I am FULLY PERSUADED that God will be releasing spiritual arrows this Sunday.  I am fully persuaded that there is an arrow with your name on it.  His arrows always carry truth and love, not condemnation and judgment!

You can’t see spiritual arrows, but they are real.  They are as real as the walls you put up to keep people and God at a safe distance.  We might not be able to see your walls, but we can feel them.

Join us this Sunday!  We will be talking about an aspect of faith, a particular part of faith, a part that is considered the core meaning of faith.

I believe what we talk about this Sunday has the potential to change your life. But you have to be receptive…and I know, in order for you to be receptive you need to feel safe enough to let some of your walls down so that Gods spiritual arrows can find their mark.  I am trusting God will prepare us all to let down our guards just enough to receive the personal specific truth he wants us to hear!