We are a spiritual family!

Christians have called each other brothers and sisters in Christ for thousands of years. Why? Because God adopted us into His family through Jesus’s work on the cross!

Jesus’ family is not just the people in Cross Connection Church but all Christians worldwide and those who have gone before us. We are part of a legacy of men and women who have gone before us, making it possible for us to join the family.

In 1 Corinthians, Paul writes a letter to encourage a church who has gotten distracted by things that seem important and are damaging their community. He wants to help get them back on track with the truth. If we, like them, are a spiritual family, we must be filled with the Spirit so we can walk in unity through love.

We do not easily gravitate toward becoming a united family that loves each other because it requires repentance and humility. As we turn away from the things of the world to the things of the Spirit, we are humbled and will see unity in the family of God.

Join us this Sunday as we take our first look at 1 Corinthians to kick off our series on this excellent letter with an overview of the letter. I cannot wait to see what God does through us as we walk through 1 Corinthians with our eyes on Him!