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Adam and Eve were separated from God after they gave into temptation because they chose to believe the words of the enemy over the words of God.  The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness because they tested God after He freed them from slavery asking, “Is God still with us?’. In contrast, when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness He did not test God or doubt God’s words in the wilderness.  He knew them to be true because He knew the heart of His Father.  Jesus shows us a new way to walk in our wilderness where we are not deceived or defeated but rather stand on the truth of God’s words in our lives.

What and Whom we believe in our wilderness matters

When we face hardship and difficulty in our lives it matters what and whom we are believing in that wilderness.  A posture that looks away from God in difficulty and doubts God’s goodness is very different than a posture that listens and believes in the goodness of God despite the difficulty.  The more we know the heart of God the more we will be able to hold on and believe His heart for us in the wilderness of our lives.

Condemnation vs. Conviction in our wilderness

One of the birthrights we have as Christians is that there is no longer condemnation over us but rather freedom (Romans 8:1).  Simply put, our value and worth is not based on what we do but rather on what Jesus has done for us.  Healing in our wilderness starts with choosing to listen to the Spirit’s voice and not the voice of the enemy.


  • from others or the enemy 
  • general (attacks your identity in Christ)
  • acted upon brings guilt 
  • leads to striving or self medicate or distract
  • leads to self deprecating or self-righteousness


  • from the Holy Spirit
  • specific (affirms your identity in Christ)
  • acted upon brings freedom/peace 
  • leads to rest 
  • leads to humility and right thinking about yourself

*an act of love from God. Not every time we sit with Jesus will He convict us, sometimes He just want to speak gently and tenderly to us and let us know how much He loves us

Determining the lies we are believing in our wilderness with others

As Christians one of our calls is to speak the truth of God’s words over the lies of the world and the enemy to those who travel with us and to those we meet.  It is often easier to discern the lies others are believing than our own.  This is the beauty of the church.  

Invitations for the week:

  1. When you are faced with your wilderness this week stop and examine the voices you are hearing and listening to.  Are these voices of condemnation or of conviction?  
  2. Name the voices you are listening to in your wilderness and confess to God any that are not of Him.
  3. Take time to share with someone you are journeying with this Lent where you are struggling to hear the voice of God over the voice of the enemy.

Prayer for the week: 1 Corinthians 2:14-16

Further Study: Ex. 17:1-7, Rom. 5:1-11, John 4:5-42

Written by Bethany Roan ©

Image by Bethany Roan ©