Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the final week of Jesus’ life before his Crucifixion.  The gospels dedicate a lot of their writings to this final week because, throughout the whole of scripture, there are many prophecies concerning the coming messiah and the Bible makes it crystal clear that only one man could fulfill all the prophecies…and this one man is Jesus, the King of Glory!

Join us this Sunday as we look at a few of the prophecies and how they reveal so clearly and beautifully, the King of Glory.

I want to also include this youtube video of John Bevere explaining the probability of Jesus fulfilling all the prophecies about him.  You may not like or agree with everything this man has ever said (I don’t love how he ends the video), but this 8 min video is well worth the watch.  It points to how amazing and big our God truly is.  Watch it and stop and worship our amazing God!

Probability believes in the Bible