He’s not dead–He’s alive!

This Easter Sunday, we will see God’s love experienced and expressed. We will hear testimony after testimony of the faithfulness of the love of God through the eight baptisms we celebrate this week!

Please pray for Deanna Fedorkew, Trevor Schmidt, Colton Baker, Karaline Siemens, Kailey Gunnarson, Grace Campbell, Brielle Voth, and Kaitlyn Jamieson. These people are getting baptized this week! It is a special time for them. They will declare and celebrate God’s love for them and their love and devotion to God. They will show how they have gone from death to life with Jesus. What a perfect weekend to do it on, Easter Weekend, when we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Take time to read through 1 Peter 3:14-22 as we will look through this passage to see how we have come to life just like Jesus!

Please join us this Sunday as we celebrate Jesus’ work in these people and His work on the cross. We hope to see you at 10 AM at Cross Connection Church.