Relationships are a gift from God. There is something exceptional about a godly and loving relationship. Unfortunately, not every relationship stays easy; some are harder than others. Some relationships fuel a desire in us to do unhelpful and ungodly things. These actions can cause shame and division in our communities.

One day we will be able to live life without shame, hurt or pain. I believe that day is coming, and we can start to experience it now if we have the tools to do it. God wants us to be in a community that offers a way out of isolation and hopelessness by practically utilizing our community.

We want to help this community of believers called Cross Connection Church to know how to lovingly serve each other by having necessary conversations that can healthily bring reconciliation and repentance.

This Sunday, we will look at 1 Corinthians chapters 5 and 6. Many of the issues directly mentioned in this passage are not typical struggles for people today, but they are a window into our current struggles.