We live in a culture that wants you to tolerate everything unless it goes against the North American mainstream belief system. Our culture tells us we must believe the popular ideas of sexuality, abortion, inclusion, equity, etc.

Throughout Christian history, we have stood on the solid foundation of Christ and His Word. We can see how our culture can pull us away from the truth and love toward their idea of tolerance. This creates a false view of acceptance and love.

So, the knee-jerk reaction is to hide from culture, judging what they are doing while ensuring we have nothing to do with it. This cripples our ability to love our neighbour. The idea is, “If they are doing it, we cannot.” We can see that Scripture is clear that we are free to do whatever is not sin (Gal 5:1 and 13). But what if something is a sin for you and not for me (Rom 14:23-24; 1 Cor 10:31; Rom 4:20; Heb 11:6)?

How do we build each other up in love without being a stumbling block to one another?

We will discuss that this Sunday from 1 Corinthians chapter 8 at Cross Connection Church. We hope to see you here at 10 AM!